At Reload.com.ph you can reload your phone credit 24  hours a day 7 days a week. You can reload your own credit or that of your friends and family abroad. Our Load Credit Service is Super Fast!

Just follow these steps and you’ll be ready in no-time.

  1. Reload.com.ph call credit or data in three simple steps

    1. Select a product

    2. Fill in your information
    Fill in your /or the recipient’s phone number

    3. Pay and receive
    After your payment the order will be sent immediately!

At this moment, you can reload credits to exclusivly the Philippines. That’s right Exclusivley The Philippines!

When you have entered the wrong number and this is a valid number of someone else, we unfortunately can’t reverse the recharge!

Please take your time and double check you entered the proper number. In the end you are responsible for the number you enter. We are sorry if you made this mistake. It happens unfortunately. You just gifted someone you dont know?

Provided that you’ve entered a correct number, you should always receive an order confirmation after a successful payment. There is a slight possibility that the reload could not be immediately processed, we will look into this for you. If needed we will reach out to the carrier why the payment has not succeeded. But, none the less your purchase is 100% Moneyback gauanteed.

Our customer service will process your claim and you’ll have the money back within a few business days.

Please contact us.

First check whether the number you entered is correct. Is everything in order on your end? There could be several reasons why you’re still not able to choose your carrier.

To start with, there is a possibility we do not (yet) support your carrier or country. If you can’t find your country of choice in the dropdown-menu, this means that your desired recharge is not an option yet. Were you able to find the right country but not the desired carrier at the following step, then we, unfortunately, do not yet support this carrier.

Another possibility is that our system can’t link your number to the right carrier. If you’re sure about your carrier, you can also change it yourself or change which carrier is selected.

It’s best to contact your carrier. They are responsible for passing on promotional discounts to customers.

Many carriers allow you to use the credit for mobile data as well, but with some you can’t. If you want to know whether your carrier allows you to use your credit for mobile data, please contact your carrier.

If you entered the wrong number and the charge was successful. We can not refund your purchase. This was not our mistake and all we can say is please slow down and double check.

Do You know that carpenters always say: Measure twice Cut Once!

Once your request for a refund has been requested, we will process your request Immediately! Processing a refund can always take 7 to 10 business days to post back into your account. Some banks need more time than others to process a refund.  But, please note we have processed your request. You can always contact our customer service so they can help you.

If something went wrong on our end… We are here to say your purchase is 100% Moneyback Guaranteed. Our success is all about our Customer Service!

But, If you have entered a wrong number, but a valid number of somebody else, we are unfortunately unable to refund the purchase.